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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Home And Property While You’re Gone

With the holidays approaching, many people are making plans to leave town to visit family, friends, and relatives and sometimes for an extended period of time.

While holidays are joyous times, the worst feelings is coming back and find that your house has flooded from a broken pipe, someone has broken a window from a burglary, or your possessions have been stolen. On a smaller scale, refrigerators can stop working, sidewalks need shoveling, and plants need watering. Depending on the situation, your insurance may or may not cover these losses. This is why you need to find a reputable home insurance australia policy, that will suit the needs of you and your home.

To protect your home and your possessions, here are 5 easy ways to safeguard your home and property while you’re gone:

  1. Make A List: Keep a list of your most valuable possessions in a safe place outside of your home, so that you can refer to it if you notice something missing when you return.

  2. Keep A Light On: Install a motion sensitive light so that if someone approaches your house at night they’ll be lit up, and keep at least one light on in your home while you’re gone to deter burglaries. Furthermore, if you do not already have an alarm in place or your existing security system needs an upgrade, then you might also want to consider reaching out to a few Burglar Alarm Installers for some home security advice and quotes.

  3. Plan For Packages, Mail, and Deliveries: One of the easiest ways for criminals to know you aren’t at home, is if anything has been left on your porch and it hasn’t been picked up. This includes newspapers, mail, packages, and deliveries.

  4. Protect Your Pipes: If you’re leaving in winter, have someone flush your toilets, or leave a faucet on a slow drip, and check to make sure your furnace is running to prevent your pipes from freezing. Insurance companies often have clauses that require you to have someone check your home every 48 hours if you’re gone or they won’t cover damages caused by broken pipes. If you need help with this, you can contact this emergency plumbing service if you’re in the UK.

  5. Care for Your Pets & Plants: Most pets are less stressed when left at home, rather than in a kennel, while you’re gone. If you can’t take them with you, hire a reputable pet sitter or house sitter to either drop in or care for your pets and plants on a daily basis or stay at your home while you’re gone.

  6. Hiring someone to gather your mail, shut your lights off during the day, check your furnace and your water, and take care of your pets and plants is the easiest way to create peace of mind and safeguard your property so that you’re not left wondering while you’re gone.

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