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5 Ways to Maintain Order in Your Garage

Garages usually have a lot of items to store, but not a lot of space to store them, especially when there are vehicles that need to be parked inside! Having the right garage floor coatings can improve how well protected your car is in your garage, it is something worth considering when thinking about making upgrades to your garage. If you ever find that your garage door needs to be fixed to keep everything inside it safe, you can have a look at something like chicago garage door repair to get it sorted as quickly and securely as possible. If you’re in the NC area it would be a good idea to consult Tip Top Garage Doors Charlotte for your garage door needs. Check out these creative solutions to maximize storage space in your garage while keeping your belongings organized. It doesn’t take much to get organized.

1. Tool rack Avoid leaning your brooms and shovels against the wall or having them scattered throughout your garage. This tool rack, or a similar corner rack, are the perfect solution to storing these larger and in the way items.

2. Garage track Use these Add-A-Hooks to hang multiple items, whether it’s a bike, cords, or sporting equipment from the garage track on the ceiling. This will maximize the space on the ceiling without interfering with vehicles or the garage door.

3. Glass jars Glass jars or clear plastic containers are the perfect solution to storing nuts, bolts, and screws. They’ll be easy to identify and access, and stack nicely on shelving units or workbenches. The jars will also help keep like items with other like items and prevent these small items from becoming clutter piles in a drawer or cupboard.

4. Peg boards or wall panels Using a peg board to store your tools makes them more easily accessible. The tools can also be easily rearranged and added on to the board. Wall panels also allow for customized wall storage that can fit a wide range of items from bottles and containers to hoses, wires, and power tools with hooks, shelves, or hanging baskets.

5. Magnetic tool bar They’re great for knives in a kitchen, but who knew they also worked great with wrenches and other metal tools in your garage? Try mounting a magnetic strip around your work bench or on the wall above to store these items. You won’t need to worry about finding special hooks or drawer inserts. Just take them and place them back on the magnetic strip when you’re done!



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