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5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your Closet

Lighting What may look fantastic in a very large, well-lit showroom, or on your favourite Pinterest board, may appear dark and uninspiring in your bedroom closet. Closets tend to be dark and unwelcoming without sufficient lighting but there is a simple fix: opt for a lighter finish to increase brightness, such as Diva White, Hard Rock Maple, or Sandalwood.

Building Upwards Wire closets tend to make poor use of (vertical) space, leaving potential closet buyers to believe they need a massive, not to mention pricey, closet. Evaluating how much hanging space that you need is a crucial step in the design process, and we will help determine how many drawers and shelves that you need.

Maximizing vertical storage can make even the most cramped closets feel spacious. No more tripping over baskets of mystery clothes or piles of shoes in your mudroom!

His and Hers Sections Men and women normally have different storage needs, yet the space is often shared. Women, for example, may need to accommodate for more long hanging dresses and trench coats while men may prefer things tucked away in drawers.

Drawers & Handles Small details like drawers and handles can give your closet some design flair (like the lancaster style drawers pictured below) along with a personal touch. In addition, the finish of the handles can also compliment the rest of your décor.

Which Accessories do I need? some closet accessories serve a very specific purpose, like tie racks while other are intended to make quick work of loose items.

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