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5 Pro Tips to Improve the Lighting in your Home, Instantly!

Each area of your home serves a different purpose, so why should the lighting all be the same? In fact it shouldn’t. Look up! Are the light fixtures in your home the same ‘builder’s special style ‘in every room? As a matter of fact, are they the same’ builder’s special light fixtures that are in every home in the neighborhood? Time to change it up!

Here are 5 Professional Interior Design tips you can use to update, improve, and rejuvenate, the lighting in your home starting right away.

First let’s define the Light fixture types:

  1. Flush mount fixture- attached directly to the ceiling, no gap space (use, general lighting in any room, they are probably everywhere )

  2. Pendant-Individual light hanging from a cord or rod from the ceiling

  3. Chandelier- decorative ,usually has numerous branches  and lights, can be a statement piece

  4. Sconce – light fixture attached to the wall often used in hallways and bathrooms

  5. Recessed Lights – often called pot lights, fixture is inserted into a an opening in the ceiling

  6. Track Light- several lights fitted on to a track, lights can be turned in different directions

  7. Soffit lighting- exterior lighting, recessed LED , used to wash the exterior walls in light, and to add security .

Now, where to use which fixtures, let’s start with a plan:

1. Entrance Foyer – ceiling height will determine the type of light fixture best suited to this area.

You want to create a bright welcoming space when people first enter your home. If you have a high vaulted ceiling in the entry, here is an opportunity to make a statement with a large tiered chandelier. Traditional, modern, or rustic, to suit the style of your home.

2. Dining Room– again ceiling height is important here.  Often a chandelier becomes a default fixture for this area. Instead of one light, think of 2. Two pendants finished in a New metal finish such as, copper, brass, black, nickel or pendants with a linen shade for a smart tailored look. (The bottom of the light fixture should be 33” above the table).

3. Powder room– Let’s get rid of the ubiquitous 3 light Vanity Bar. First replace the bare bones mirror above the sink, with a beautifully framed mirror , that is hung like art work. Then choose 2 beautiful wall sconces, to be installed on either side of the mirror. These sconces can help create a more sophisticated mood, off a beautiful foyer.

4. Kitchen Island– Numerous smaller pendants over the island can used to illuminate the countertop, or 2 or 3 larger pendants ( if space allows ) can be used to WOW and illuminate. Recessed lights in the kitchen provide great overall lighting and a clean ceiling appearance.

5. Exterior– Don’t forget the exterior lighting on your home. Have a look at night and see what it looks like. Replace small inconsequential exterior lighting, with larger substantial lanterns, sconces or soffit lighting. Make sure the house numbers are well lit, so guests can find you.

Choose a large retail lighting showroom with knowledgeable staff. One of my favorites is Cartwright Lighting. Their staff can help demystify a lot of the new lighting terminology and technology.  

And last but not least, ensure that you have a reputable, licenced electrician to install all of your new light fixtures. This ensures that all work will be done to the current electrical, safety and building code standards.

-Sue-Anne Wearmouth Professional Interior Designer, Owner of Sawbrand Design  Special Offer: 15% off your Initial Interior Design or Staging Consultation, for Best My Nest members.


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