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3 Practical Tips For Choosing Paint Colour

If you want to transform your interior living space, a new paint job can do the trick! A new wall colour can alter the entire look and feeling of a space and that fresh coat of paint will cover scuffs, dings, dents, stains and other blemishes that make your home look worn out. An interior paint job is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home.

Hiring professional painting contractors will ensure your painting project is done efficiently, safely and with seamless, professional results. Here are some practical tips to consider before you start:

Think about how you want each room to feel when choosing colour.

The wall colour plays a major role in how a room looks and feels. Oranges and reds make rooms feel vibrant and energetic, so they might be a good choice for a busy kitchen or somewhere you plan on entertaining guests. Bright blues, greens and yellow can be fun and a good choice for a happy children’s playroom.

For the living room and other bedrooms, choose colours that are calming. Light blue, sage, mauve, beige, lavender and soft greys can all have a calming affect. You want to feel peaceful in these rooms and choosing light, neutral colours can help achieve those chill vibes.

Don’t get too crazy in the kids’ bedrooms.

For kids’ bedrooms, be careful not to go too bold on colour or with childish designs. Your kids will grow out of it faster than you think, and you’ll have to repaint. That means opting out of that Paw Patrol mural with the fire engine red walls and choosing a colour a child can age with and enjoy for years to come. Think about how their taste, personal items and furniture will change and choose a colour that is fun for them now, but can still mature with them over the years. Check out these children bedroom ideas.

Remember that wall colour impacts the future sale of your home.

You might not be thinking about selling your home now but your wall colour will impact its potential sale in the future, so keep that in the back of your mind when choosing paint colours. It might make you rethink that hot pink bedroom (do you have any idea how difficult it is to paint over hot pink?) and choose safer colours instead.

Light, neutral and natural colours perform the best when appealing to the masses. Think about whites and off-whites, beige, grey and other light earth tones. These help home’s show better on the market and are more appealing to a greater number of buyers. If you are not planning on selling and really want some uniquely bold colours, or don’t mind repainting later if you decide to sell – go for it!

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