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Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Trends

As any photographer (or selfie-taker) can tell you, lighting can make or break a look — not only when it comes to pictures, but in real life, too. Even the most opulent or innovative design can be spoiled by poor lighting, making it crucial to think about light when upgrading or redoing your kitchen. Read on for four kitchen light fixture ideas that are trending right now (with no signs of slowing down in 2020). No matter what your tastes might be, you’re sure to find the right style to feature in your home or apartment.

Trend #1: Recessed Lighting

“Recessed lighting” may sound like a technical term, but don’t let that intimidate you. Recessed lighting is simply lighting that has been pushed into, or hidden in, other elements of the kitchen. In contrast to traditional lights, which hang from a ceiling or project from a wall, recessed lights are tucked into their own niches, creating a finished look that’s minimalistic, modernistic, and visually smooth.

Recessed lights can be installed in ceilings, behind cabinets, and over sinks, making them ideal for kitchen use. Plus, their unobtrusive design reduces the risk of accidents in the kitchen. If you think conventional lights are an eyesore (or if you’re just sick of bumping into your floor lamps), recessed lighting might be the perfect design solution for you.

Trend #2: Mod Statement Lights

Funky, flamboyant pendulum lights (or pendant lights) are a must-have in chic hotels and restaurants. Why not bring the same contemporary feel to your kitchen? Eye-catching, oversized statement lights are gaining ground in kitchens all over America and they’re sure to get your guests talking!

Pendant lights are especially well-suited to showcasing kitchen islands, placing them under a literal spotlight. They can also make good vertical use of kitchens with high ceilings.

Trend #3: Luxurious Chandeliers

Luxurious and luminous, chandeliers are a crowd-pleasing option featured in homes for centuries. However, thanks to modern materials, homeowners can find affordable chandeliers that mimic the look of fine diamond or crystal at merely a fraction of the price.

Besides simply being beautiful, chandeliers come with another bonus effect: they tend to throw light in numerous directions at once, creating a dynamic, almost sparkling quality. For those who value tradition and elegance, chandeliers are a timeless style choice.

Trend #4: Kitchen Zone Lighting

Like the name suggests, “zone” lighting is lighting that targets specific regions or “zones” of your kitchen. While that might be overkill for a small kitchen, such as a galley kitchen in an apartment, it can be a life-saver for large, roomy kitchens that would feel washed out by overhead lighting.

Zone lighting also has another benefit: it allows you to use energy conscientiously, illuminating only the areas you need lit. That’s good for the planet and your electric bill.

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