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Digital Lifestyles Ltd is a premier provider of design and installation services for commercial and residential networking, audio, video and automation. We’ve been an active contractor in the architectural, design and building sector for over 20 years.

We have solutions from low voltage pre-wiring, networking and data, home theatre and whole-house music systems, HVAC and lighting control and security systems all with complete autonomy and controlled through an iPad, iPhone or your Android device. We also specialize in assistive living technologies for the elderly and disabled through our innovative FAST program. If you want more information regarding HVAC, you need to visit the website today to get booked in.

Working with Alberta Health Services, Calgary Accessible Housing and others, we leverage technology to provide life-changing solutions.

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11979 - 40 Street SE, Calgary, AB  T2Z 4M3



SURE Security is a security company providing services in the Commercial and Residential industries. Our combined 50 years of commercial security experience gives us the confidence to design and implement a Security Solution that will meet and exceed all requirements.

We specialize in security-related work such as:


  • Burglar Alarm Solutions

  • Smart Business and Home Technology

  • Video surveillance

  • Facial Recognition NVR’s and Cameras

  • Access Control

  • Vehicle GPS tracking

If you are considering installing a New Security system or looking to update your current systems, or require assistance in consolidating all of your accounts into one smart solution for a personalized support and service solution, then I would love to have a no-obligation meeting with you.

SPECIAL OFFER: 3 months free monitoring on a 3-year term. Promo Code “CIR”
New product: Facial recognition Video Surveillance, create a white list for access control while still recording all video footage.  |



As a leading smart home technology provider, Vivint offers Home Security, Door Bell Cameras, Exterior and Interior Cameras, Nest Thermostats and Smart Locks to thousands of customers in Calgary and all across Canada. We offer customizable, professionally installed smart home security systems. Equipment is guaranteed under lifetime warranty and is provided at zero money down. This includes a fully monitored alarm system ensuring full protection of your home and family. Vivint provides a Certificate of Installation allowing you to qualify for a discount available through your home insurance provider. The entire system connects to the Vivint app on your smartphone, allowing you to access your system and view your cameras from anywhere. Lock your doors, close your garage door, and turn down the temperature while on the go.

New to Vivint’s lineup of smart home products – and an industry first – is Car Guard. This smart device plugs into your vehicle, connecting it to your security system. While alerting you to any important diagnostic information, you’ll also be notified on your Vivint app if your car is being broken into or bumped.

Looking to upgrade an existing security system or start from scratch? We offer a FREE no-obligation in-home consultation to assess your security needs and customize a system to your home and lifestyle.

Call today for your quote!

SPECIAL OFFER: FREE Installation, FREE Activation and FREE Lifetime Warranty plus 1 MONTH FREE SERVICE! In order to receive this special offer, you must contact Anne McMullin.
Anne McMullin



United Alarm is a Calgary-based security company that's been
in business for over 30 years. We provide alarm systems, security
cameras, doorbell cameras, and other security technology to protect your
home or business.

SPECIAL OFFER: The total cost for the Package is $287.40 upfront for the last year of Service, and $23.95 per month for 36 months based on phone line(SHAW or TELUS). This project can start within 1 week. This package includes:

1– Honeywell Full Color Touch Screen Keypad & Panel
1- Honeywell Pet-friendly Wireless Motion Sensor
2– Wireless Door Contacts
1– Key Fob and an extra Key fob 
1– Battery Back-Up
1– Power Supply
1– Built-In Siren
1– 11’ Aluminum Reflective Security Lawn Sign
5– Door & Window Security Warning Decals |


#200-3515 32 Street NE Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 5Y9

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