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What Kind Of Lighting Is Best For A Kitchen?

Depending on how many fixture outlets your kitchen has, there is a variety of different lighting options. If your kitchen has one outlet centered in the room, a fixture that provides ambient (general) lighting will illuminate the space the best. Ambient lighting emits a comfortable level of brightness throughout the room. Fixtures like a 4-tube fluorescent light or a semi-flushmount can provide great ambient lighting.

If your kitchen has a few outlets positioned near a counter space, kitchen sink, work area, or over an island, task lighting will allow you to properly perform specific tasks, such as cooking, reading, or homework. If you are building a new home or renovating, consider hardwiring accent lighting and/or task lighting, such as undercabinet lighting or recessed lighting, to make the lighting look more seamless and integrated.

Fixtures such as recessed lighting, track lighting, and pendants can also provide task lighting for a kitchen, while creating a comfortable atmosphere



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