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The Unknown Benefits of Duct Cleaning & 5 Signs You Need One!

Did you know that 70% of homes have polluted air, full of dust, allergens, mold, and more? Most of these pollutants come from your air ducts and cause a long list of problems for people, pets, and guests.

When it comes to keeping your home clean and safe, most people don’t think about their ducts since they are hidden away from our sight. Out of sight, out of mind right? What most people don’t know is your ducts play a major role in keeping your home warm, safe, and healthy. Just like the blood in our bodies, the ducts play a key role in your homes operation. This is also true for businesses and/or commercial buildings with high amounts of traffic, lots of dirt & dust, and with high health/safety standards. Here are some of the Unknown benefits of getting your home or businesses ducts cleaned!

Improve Air Quality: Air ducts help to circulate the warm and cool air throughout our homes. This means they are constantly sucking in outside air, warming/cooling it, and redistributing it around your building. However, this also means it is constantly absorbing the dirt, dust, and dirty air that surround your home. Although air filters help to capture these particles, they do not capture all of them. By removing this dust and debris, you remove the harmful toxins and particulate that your family and customers breath in while they are in your building.

Reduce Fire Hazard: Did you know that there are approximately 12,700 clothes-dryer fires in residential buildings annually in the United States, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. These preventable fires caused 15 deaths, 300 injuries and about $88 million US in property damage. Tin fact, the lint trap only catches about 15% of the lint which means the rest finds it’s way into your ducts. Over time this blocks the hot air from leaving the dryer properly which means warm air gets trapped and can ignite a fire. Cleaning your ducts will significantly reduce the risk of a fire.

Reduce Dust Buildup: Do you find your home constantly dusty? Even though you clean every day and night! Here is why… when your ducts get clogged with dust, allergens, particles, and mold, these are released into the air every time your furnace, AC, or cold air return turn on and circulate air around your home. So no matter how much you clean, you can never get rid of the dust since it is impossible to clean the inside of your ducts yourself. A duct cleaning can help you keep your home clean and dust free!

Improved Energy Efficiency: Heating and cooling make up approximately 48% of home energy use according to the US Energy Information Administration (2009). As your vents get clogged with dirt and debris it inhibits the proper flow of air throughout your home. Often, homeowners will find themselves turning the heat up or down more to compensate for this and thus their energy bill increasing slowly. By cleaning out this debris you can reduce your energy consumption, save money, and improve the comfort in your home.

Remove Odours: Ever walk into your home and wonder “what is that smell?!”. Maybe you notice a stale smell that never leave no matter how much you clean, take the garbage out, or spray febreeze. That’s because the culprit could be your ducts. The lint and debris built up in your duct system that holds onto these odour particles tightly. Thus every time your vents turn on, you get an unpleasant smell! By cleaning your ducts you can remove this odour and make your home or business a pleasant place to be… because no one likes to be the stinky place.

Most home maintenance companies and professionals suggest cleaning you ducts every 2 years.

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