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Easy Closet Storage Solutions for All Your Wardrobe Accessories

I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” –Michael Kors, designer

It’s true. No outfit is complete without accessories. Shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves, hats, belts … they all add texture, color and style to clothes. Accessories make up a big part of any wardrobe but don’t always get the respect they deserve, including designer bags carelessly tossed into the closet or expensive jewelry dropped in a dish on the dresser. With a custom closet system from Tailored Living®, all your accessories will have efficient storage to keep them at their best and where you can always find them. No more playing Where’s Waldo? when getting dressed for the office or a night out on the town.

Shoes and boots and sandals, oh my!

One of the most prolific accessories for kids and adults alike is footwear. Flat sandals, tall and short boots, dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, platforms, stilettos, moccasins, clogs, and slippers. Without some organization, a shoe collection can quickly get out of hand and spoil a closet’s serenity. The diversity of styles and space requirements can make shoe storage a challenge, but Tailored Living has closet storage options that will keep your closets in perfect order so you and your family can live happily with all those shoes.

Shoes and boots last longer when properly stored and maintained

  1. Slanted shoe racks with front rails keep your shoes in plain sight and prevent them falling and ending up on the closet floor. Alternating shoes head to toe allows more pairs of shoes on a shelf.

  2. Shoes racks and shelves can be floor-to-ceiling or customized to fit available space around other closet requirements.

  3. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize height for boots vs. shoes so no space is wasted.

  4. Pull-out metal shoe racks with wire forms keep shoes organized and free from the crush of stacking.

  5. For ease and accessibility, a revolving shoe rack captures space in an awkward corner and displays 25 pairs of shoes in a small space.

Custom drawers for jewelry and other bling

Jewelry is probably the most universal accessory after shoes. Men and women and boys and girls love the bling. Some prefer gold, some prefer silver, but most of us don’t feel fully dressed without it. (Do you leave the house without earrings?) Custom jewelry drawers will protect all your valuables, including gold, silver, and pearl jewelry as well as sunglasses, watches, and money clips.  A jewelry box can become a tangled mess if everything is just piled in, knotting-up necklaces and chipping gem stones. If you have several jewelry boxes, it’s hard to quickly find what you need. Custom, velvet-lined jewelry drawers prevent damage, keep everything together in one place, and organize all your pretties in compartments designed to fit exactly what you need to store.

Jewelry drawers let you see everything at a glance, no hunting necessary

  1. Individual compartments hold rings, cuff links, earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces so they don’t get damaged or tangled.

  2. Keep sets of matching pieces together so accessorizing is quick.

  3. Watches can be separated to protect the watch crystals from scratches.

  4. Sunglasses have a safe place to live so they aren’t left at risk all over the house.

  5. Drawers keep contents safe from moisture and dust that can tarnish metals.

Protect your hats and purses

Hats and purses can take up considerable space. They often end up squished together in a basket, stacked on top of each other, or crushed in a drawer that can ruin the shape, scratch metal hardware, and dislodge hatbands or decoration. You have several options to safely store hat and purse collections while maintaining an orderly closet. Beware of DIY solutions that use clips to hold hats by the brim, they can put indentations in leather, felt and other materials.

Never misplace a favorite hat or tiny evening bag again

  1. High shelves above hanging clothes can accommodate hats and purses, so accessorizing an outfit is quick and easy.

  2. Enclosed cabinets will keep hats and purses dust-free and ready to wear. LED lighting will add a special touch to displaying them.

  3. Safely store purses and hats on open closet shelves, adjustable to any height so they don’t get crushed.

Love your hats – wear them, display them and keep them safe

  1. Hat racks and wig stands are ideal to display and protect your favorite hats. Hats hold their shape and add a touch of class wherever displayed–in your closet, dressing room or bedroom.

  2. Hat boxes add the extra protection by keeping hats dust-free and you can stack the boxes inside the closet, on shelves, or stacked on the bedroom floor.

  3. Baseball caps can buddy-up on decorative hooks near the top of the closet to keep them organized and out of harm’s way.

Purses add a splash of color to liven up an outfit or make a statement

  1. Over-the-door hangers can manage a whole wardrobe of purses in one space.

  2. One hanging option for inside the closet is specialty hooks that won’t crease the purse straps.

  3. Hanging bags can also safely store your handbags so they’re quick to grab when switching to a new outfit.

Specialty storage for ties, belts and scarves

It’s very easy to lose track of small items in a crowded closet. Belts can disappear without a trace and a tie crumpled in the back of the closet may never again see the light of day. Specialty racks for ties, belts and scarves will ensure you don’t lose any of these necessities. Stationary or retractable hooks can keep all items on full display, or you can hide them away in drawers with custom dividers that organize everything.

Custom racks for ties, scarves and belts make getting dresses an easier task

  1. Sturdy, decorative hooks keep ties organized so he’ll never miss a meeting.

  2. Belts hang straight to prevent creases to the leather or damage to the buckles with either stationery hooks or retractable belt racks.

  3. Pull-out racks with smooth metal loops eliminate snags on delicate scarves.

Drawers help keep your closets clean by hiding accessories that could become clutter

  1. Drawers with dividers are another option to safely organize any accessories.

  2. Fold or roll ties, socks, belts, and scarves and store them out of sight.

  3. Also great for handkerchiefs, fine lingerie and stockings.

Get the most out of your fashion accessories by having them ready to wear and easy to find with closet accessories designed specifically for all your wardrobe needs. 

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