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5 Calgary Home Remodel Trends


Free Standing Tubs If you are doing a bathroom remodel, especially an ensuite, find some room for a free standing tub. These tubs come in many shapes and sizes and can fit almost any space. Faucets can either be deck mounted onto the tub, floor mounted onto your heated tile floor or come out of the wall. A free standing tub gives your bathroom remodel that “Wow” factor and provides a soothing space for a candlelit bath with a glass of wine.

Wallpaper In any room that is part of your remodel, adding wallpaper to create a feature wall is a hot trend. Wallpaper has come a long way from the blue and yellow flower pattern or baby blue strip just below the ceiling. Choose one wall in the kitchen, one in the ensuite or put it on multiple walls. Textured wallpaper adds a nice three dimensional look and wallpaper with geometric shapes is very popular right now. If it does not fit into the budget, just wait a while as wallpaper can be installed after your renovation is complete. Wallpaper is an easy way to create a “Wow” factor in your remodel.

Open Shelving In The Kitchen and Elsewhere If you are doing a kitchen remodel, consider finding a place for some open shelving, especially in place of upper cabinets. Open shelving helps break up all those doors and makes a nice clean easy to reach place for cookbooks or dishes. Using open shelving in part of your builtins in other rooms of your home allows you to display books and media components. Some open shelving in your kitchen remodel and elsewhere throughout your home can really bring that “Wow” factor.

Marble Looking Quartz Countertops Once you have those cabinets and appliances selected for your kitchen remodel, it’s time to focus on countertops. Marble looking quartz is all the rage right now and will give you a timeless look without the maintenance of true marble. Quartz countertops are very durable and there are so many great choices available with many new colors being created all the time. Combine a marble looking quartz countertop with a darker contrasting backsplash and under cabinet lighting to create the ultimate kitchen “Wow” factor.

Statement Lighting Light up your kitchen remodel or home renovation with statement lighting. Choose lights that are not only functional, but bring style and design to the main areas of your home. The kitchen, dining room, foyer, powder room, great room and living room should all be well lit with lighting that says “look at me.” Pendant lights, semi flush lights, sconces, chandeliers and striking lamps are all great statement lights to bring the “Wow” factor into your remodel.

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